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Saturday, 30 May 2009 08:41

Shane Bloomfield, Associate Engineer at Albert A. Webb Associates asked:

The control panel and e-stop switch on our client's stand-by diesel generator is approximately 9.5' feet off the floor. Common sense says the switch needs to be accessible, but does OSHA or NFPA have a section that states such a requirement?

SafetyMan says:

NFPA 79 2002 is very straight forward about e-stops. Under 10.7.1 Location and Operation (E-Stops), says," Stop and emergency stop pushbuttons shall be continuously operable and readily accessible." 9.5 feet off the floor is not readily accessible in my book. It reminds me of the company I was once helping who had gas operated furnaces. The shut off valve for the gas was on top of the furnaces, 20 feet off the ground. Unless you had a ladder handy, you weren't going to get there in an emergency. Plus I'm not sure you would want to be there. Thus, the average person with an average arm length, would probably not be able to reach an e-stop 9 feet off the floor. Plus it is definitely out of the line of sight and would probably be hard to find.